Beauty: An Interview with Emmy Winning Sports Reporter Dayvee Sutton

Meet Dayvee: She's as fabulous and sweet in person as she is on T.V.!

Dani: Happy Birthday Dayvee! Thanks for taking some time to speak with me. You're always on full tilt! Any plans to pamper yourself today?

Dayvee: *waves, furiously* Hey Dani! Absolutely. I have scheduled a spa day for myself - a massage and facial. Then a small dinner with some friends in town…wish you were here!

Dani: I wish I was too!! I love a good spa day! The thing that comes to mind whenever I see you is that you always look chic and fantastic, and yet it seems effortless. How do you do it? 

Dayvee: It's kind of just that. I think a lot about my fashion. But I like to have my wardrobe have a certain about twice a year I do a clear out, and when I add things to it, they definitely have a purpose. For years now, I have stopped that random shopping just to accumulate things. I am definitely going for timeless and I'm glad you noticed! Haha

As for beauty, believe it or not, I don't like to spend a lot of time primping in the mirror or applying makeup or doing hair. So I like to have staples that work, and I use them until they don't.

Dani: You're always in fabulous heels and some great outfit, but you're a total sports nut, right? I mean, you have two Emmys for sports on game day, if you're just chilling at home watching, are you still glammed up?

Dayvee: Absolutely not. In fact, the only time these days that I am made up are workdays. I still like to be cute in my relaxed wear - ordinary t-shirts and sweats won't do, but my hair is pulled back and makeup is off. (Mostly because I think I'm giving my skin a break. And also because I'm just low key like that.) It's a good thing my man loves me, because it takes a lot for me to even do my hair when I'm off, because I'm like 'what's the point?' Ha! 

Dani: I’m right there with you! I take a big old makeup break when I am not working! You're a product lover like me. What's your current favorite cosmetic?

Dayvee: My favorite product is Lancome Tient Idole UltraFoundation. I discovered it while I was working in Charlotte. It really is all day, touch up free makeup, which is perfect for my job because some days I literally don't have time to look in the mirror before I go on air. When I first discovered it, and realized I didn't have to primp or touch up or powder in the mirror every two hours or so anymore, it was a game changer. Remember, I am low key! 

Bonus, I add my favorite MAC Ruby Woo matte lipstick, and I am good to go from AM to PM.

Dani: You stick with a classic beauty look. What does your beauty routine consist of?

Dayvee: Yeah I do. Low key, remember! Also, I think it works for me. When I used to model, I let the MUA like you have fun on my face, and I'd just enjoy the results.

Anyway, I have learned the importance of skincare for making a smooth canvas. And it took me years to figure out how to get it right. (I think I've got it now.) I try to get facials once a quarter, and do an at home exfoliating mask twice a week. I use my Clairsonic each morning, eye cream at night and in the morning...I just really pay attention to my skin. When my skin is right, all the makeup goes on flawless. (Like Beyonce!)

Dani: Any beauty trends you got sucked into that you regret now? 

Dayvee: OMG! In the 90's I so badly wanted to rock a china doll bob. I tried it with the hair stylist and when she turned me around I think I cried. I was a mushroom head. Then I tried it with braided extensions, which I wore throughout high school. Then in college, I got a weave with bangs to get that look. But one of my good friends said, "Uh, are you wearing a wig?" By the weekend, I was taking it out! Ha!

Dani: What makes you feel beautiful? 

Dayvee: Hmmm...what a question! Really, when I am just being me without expectations, lying around talking about the world and laughing a lot. 

Photos by Luna/Makeup: Dani Lazaro

Dani: You have a fantastic laugh…it fills up the room! Any beauty advice for your followers? 

Dayvee: Yes! Aim for health - emotional and physical. Aim for happiness - laugh everyday. You will radiate on the outside effortlessly.

You can watch Dayvee Sutton these days on CBS46 Atlanta sports, or follow her on twitter @dayveesutton.


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