Beauty: An Interview with Ophelia PopTart

You ask for more model interviews, you get them! Meet Ophelia PopTart, and prepare yourself for your new #wcw!!!

 Photo: Madison Parker Photography

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Dani Lazaro: Ophelia, you already know you're one of "my girls". My
favorite models are beautiful on the inside as well as out. What makes you
feel beautiful?

Ophelia: I feel the most beautiful when I’m dancing, whether it’s on stage
during a performance or just by myself rehearsing at the studio wearing yoga pants and a tank top.  Dance is the only thing in my life that truly gives me the opportunity to be the absolute purest form of myself.  The rest of the world and its problems melt away and it’s just me.  The human form in all of its shapes, sizes and colors, moving with expression and emotion is one of the most beautiful sights in the world in my opinion. 

 Photo: Scalcione Photography

Dani: How old were you when you started playing with makeup? Is there any advice you'd give your younger self?

Ophelia: As a child I started playing with makeup from the moment I could
get my hands on it.  I started wearing makeup in middle school.  I was that
weird girl wearing blue mascara and glitter all over my face.  I’m sure I
looked crazy, but for me that little bit of makeup gave me the opportunity to be different and I loved it.  If I could give my younger self advice it would probably be that you’re not wearing enough!!

Photo: Ron Tencati

Dani: The cosmetics market is saturated with phenomenal products. What
are you currently obsessed with? 

Ophelia: Between Belly Dance, Burlesque and Modeling, I wear a lot of
makeup.  For my everyday 9-5 life my makeup routine is pretty simple.
Usually it consists of moisturizer and mascara.  I’m always on the hunt for
an awesome daily moisturizer.  My favorite of all time is Merle Norman’s
Wrinkle Smoother.  It makes my face happier than anything else I’ve ever
used.  My other obsession is mascara. I want to try them all! Of what I have tried I’ve found Maybelline still makes one of the best mascaras on the market.


Dani:   What about when you're performing? What is your go to product and

Ophelia: My go to products when performing would be eyelashes and red
lipstick.  I’ve found that when you're onstage it's super important that you
make your eyes and lips pop.  The easiest way to make your eyes pop is to
throw on a pair of falsies.  I’ve found this applies also to doing photo shoots. You do one photo shoot without eyelashes and it will make you change your mind about them forever.  I know they’re a pain to put on but they are so worth the effort.  And the more you do it the easier it gets! Ladies, wear your lashes!  I buy the cheap ones from China that come 10 pair to a card for like a $1!  It takes like a month for them to get here but it’s well worth the wait if you like to just take them off after a performance and throw them away.

My other go to is my red lipstick.  It just screams glamour to me. Currently
I’ve been using Avon’s Extra Lasting Lipstick in Fiery Red.  I’ve also been
an Avon girl since childhood.  I love their products!

Photo: Glamour by Dez

Dani: As a model, it's your job to look good. But I've met many beautiful           girls who can't seem to make that read on camera. What's your secret?

Ophelia: I think a lot of people assume that just because you’re a beautiful         girl that you would make a good model.  Beauty alone doesn’t make the             model.  I myself have seen many beautiful girls who in front of a camera             their beauty just gets lost in translation. I think my performance                   experience has helped me a lot in my modeling.  Modeling is like dancing, it’s telling a story, but through pictures.  I like to talk to the photographer beforehand to get an idea of what exactly the story is they are trying to tell. Just like in a performance, in that moment your job is to be that character in that story. 

Photo: Sheila Carroll Photography
Makeup: Dani Lazaro

Dani: Any current makeup trends that make you cringe?

Ophelia: Yes, as a matter of fact there is. Really prominent eyebrows seem to be a popular trend these days. If they’re done really well, a good eyebrow gives a person’s face real definition.  What makes me cringe is when I see eyebrows that look like they have been drawn on with a Sharpie in unnatural shapes.  Unless you’re going for that really avant garde “I’m an alien creature” look, I just don’t think it works.

Dani: I have to agree with you on that one! I don't get the trend at all.

Photo: Grass Hut Studios
Makeup: Dani Lazaro

Dani: Do you have any "beauty" idols? Who, and why?

Ophelia: Marilyn Monroe, because she embodied the essence of what         beauty is and she had a timeless look.  Cher, because she’s like a chameleon and the woman looks good no matter what she’s wearing.  Dita VonTeese, because she’s the Queen of Burlesque and her flawlessness is just other worldly.  Bettie Page of course, the original pin up girl.. need I say more?And RuPaul Charles, because he’s beautiful in and out of drag.

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