Fashion: The VMA's Best and Worse Dressed!

Here are my top 3 best and worse dressed at the VMA's.

Taylor Swift on the Red Carpet

Top 3 Best Dressed
I absolutely love this dress! J Lo gets my #1 pick for best dressed. It compliments her body and I am a huge fan of cut-outs, when they are on the right body!

I love this 2-piece outfit! It's different, stylish, and sexy! Miley Cyrus is the only one who could pull this off. She's young and doesn't mind stepping out of the box.

All eyes on Nikki Manaj! I will love leopard print until the day I die! She is showing all her curves in this short sexy dress. I love the total look. Her hair and makeup is flawless.

Top 3 Absolute Worse Dressed!

Really Taylor Swift! A onesie? I hate this outfit and look on her! The shoes are cute but don't work well with the romper. Maybe if the shorts were a little longer and she chose a different shoe, I would kinda like it.

Kim Kim Kim!! I have been a fan of hers since she hit the TV waves! I don't miss an episode of the Kardashians. Usually I am a fan of your style, even though you hit and miss sometimes. But what were you thinking? I love the fabric and the colors. Whoever designed this did a fabulous job, but it is not made for Kim's body type and height. This should be worn on a tall gal. Sorry Kim Kardashian, thumbs down.

Is this the country music awards? I loooove denim but............,Denim overload! Katy Perry is usually very stylish in her own unique way, but I don't like this choice. Maybe if she didn't have a twin beside her it wouldn't look so horrible.

So there you have it! My best and worse. What do you think?

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  1. I hated Taylor Swift outfit!! Agreed!

  2. I actually liked Taylor Swifts and Kim K's outfits!


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