Beauty: An Interview with Model/Actress Liz Peavy

Meet Model Liz Peavy - If Marilyn Monroe was a Southern Belle, she'd be Liz!

Dani: Hello Lovely! Thanks for taking some time to chat!

Liz: Thanks so much Dani for having me! It's always a pleasure working with you in any aspect!

Dani: Thank you – likewise! So let’s just dive right in. You’re modeling, you’re doing television, emceeing, repping a clothing line…have I left anything out?

Liz: That’s all correct. I am also a correspondent for several magazines including Ryze-Up and The Sound Of the Underground. I enjoy all that I do and will continue to add ventures onto my resume.

Dani: I remember the first time we worked together - we were discussing runway, and the height requirements. You said, Girl, Im only 56, but you just gotta walk tall and aint nobody gonna know the difference! I loved your confidence. Where does your moxie come from?

Liz: I feel that there are obstacles in any field a person chooses as their career. That being said, it's crucial to realize that most obstacles you face in today’s society often are man made.  We cannot let these obstacles hold us back from doing what we desire. Sometimes you just have to look that problem in the eye and defeat it. In relation to my modeling, I knew going into this that I did not meet most requirements that society has placed on the modeling industry. However, I also knew that I had something to I went for it. After years of second guessing myself I went for what I had always wanted to do. And with that I found that if you show determination and skill than you can accomplish anything you choose. Even if you are a "shorty" walking the runway with "giants".

Makeup: Dani Lazaro/Hand Crafted Feathered Skirt: Morgan Kelly

Dani: Ha! That’s definitely the quote of the day!
You are also very laid back. It doesn’t seem to matter what look a makeup artist does on you, you just become that character. How do you do it?

Liz: I feel as if every shoot is another day as an actress.  It's important for the model to portray a specific attitude to represent the makeup and clothing. For instance if a model was wearing dark makeup that had a very intimate and mysterious appeal, it would be simply detrimental for the model to smile or look opposite of that intense makeup. Each makeup application and clothing requires a specific feeling to portray the photographer’s idea. I definitely feel having actress experience helps. And also music being played during the shoot helps me to get into that character.  I love being a model and being able to portray myself in different lights on different days.

Photo by Mike Tyger

Dani: Your look is very ethereal. You’re all pale skin and hair, dreamy eyes…sigh. What do you think is your best feature?

Liz: I love my eyes and my check bones. I used to hate them and felt that they were fat. But now I notice them in a new light.

Photos by Luna/Makeup: Dani Lazaro

Dani: Any beauty products you are currently obsessed with?

Liz: I am in love with anything Kat Von D related as her makeup products are simply fabulous. Honestly I shop Sephora and try as much new products as I possibly can. So I would say I might be addicted to Sephora itself.

Dani: What’s your daily beauty routine like?

Liz: I honestly don't have one. I just make sure to wash my face morning and night. I never go to bed with makeup on. I make sure to wear oil free moisturizer after washing my face. And i wear sunscreen when I am going outside.

With model Logan Curtis

Dani: Last question – do you have any beauty idols? Who and why?

Liz: Yes I have so many! As many others are, I too am obsessed with Marilyn Monroe. She had such a captivating beauty about her. And to think her photos turned out the way they did even without photoshop!  I also love Adriana Lima. She can transform into so many different looks and still be so beautiful. Especially all of her new photos streaming online for Vogue. I have so many beauty idols this list could go on and on.

Dani: And I could listen forever, but I’ll let you get back to the glam life J

Liz: Thanks so much Dani for having me and thanks to everyone reading!

You can follow Liz at:
Check out her September spread and cover of ryze up magazine. Www 

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