Real Life: How to Bluff Your Way Through Every Conversation

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you are expected to hold your own, but really you are a fish out of water...

Here's a three step strategy to fake it until you make it.

1. Stay quiet...
But that will only work for so long. And being too quiet, may draw more attention to you, and even prompt a "what do you think?" spotlight question.
But this tactic of laying low will help until (maybe initiated by you) the subject changes.

2. Use Verbal Clues
If you are in a place where you can't change the topic to something you are more comfortable with, you can make your contribution by asking a question requesting further detail, piggy-backing off the last statement that was made.
If it's football talk, ask "well, why do you think the coach did that?"
If it's politics, ask "what did the policy originally intend to present?"

...and whew! You've bought yourself some time for a few more minutes.

3. Take control (politely)
After you've successfully bought more time...give them five more minutes, and bridge the last statement into another subject that you are more comfortable chatting about.

They're talking about Christmas and you are Muslim... "I really love the retail sales that go on during the holidays. Last year I got a flat screen for $100."
They're talking World Series Baseball..."Man. San Francisco is really a special place. I went one time with my father..."

It doesn't have to be deep, and you may not be spot on at making it entertaining...but it is going to make you feel more comfortable.

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