Real Life: It's time to Think About Your Life

...meaning your purpose.

Most people stay away from this because it's daunting.

So most people wander aimlessly or even routinely without goals.

I have a suggestion to help you get a handle on this idea.

You may never get a true understanding of "what you were sent here to do."
But you can start feeling better about your contribution to this world if you daydream.

Daydream about what your perfect life would be. Have you heard the question: What would you do if you have $100-million dollars in the bank right now, and it would always be there? How would you spend your time?
I also ask people - what was your favorite thing to in your free time do as a kid? You know, when you had no time obligations and no real limits? 
That is your true self.

Once you get a handle of that, you can and should strive to make those things a significant part of your life.

You will be guaranteed happiness. The most satisfying thing in the world (yes, better than sex, much better) is overcoming a challenge and reaching a goal. We are the happiest when we are growing and working towards something better. 

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