Beauty: My Top November Picks for Facebook Beauty

Oh yeah. I'm all about that social media stalking. Well okay, not really, but I do pay attention to what people are wearing, their hairstyles, their makeup. Today I give you my top favorite beauties culled from my Facebook friends list.
For the record, these are not models :)
(Names withheld to protect privacy)

Check out the gorgeous girls I'm watching this month...

1) How lovely is this gal? Here in her beautiful wedding photo by Southern Star Photography.

2) Hands down, this woman is one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met, inside and out (and arguably the best eyebrows, ever)

3) Who doesn't love a gorgeous redhead in the snow? I do!!!!

4) It's ok that this gal is so pretty because she's fabulously hysterical to boot!

5) I stare at this girl's face all the time in school when the lecture is boring. Not that the lectures are ever boring. But you know, if they were...

6) I always idolized this gal when we were kids! She was a cool kid, but she was nice to me anyway :)

7) Seriously. How many moms look this good????

8) Yes she is over 40, and yes, she is as gorgeous in person and as much fun as she looks like she'd be. I love her.

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