Fashion: Going Nude!

Photo courtesy of Christian Louboutin

Nude is the new black!

 Nude shoes use to look like grandma's shoes. I didn't mind so much, but they were very hard to find unless you went into an "old lady" store to find them. They usually came in flats or a chunky heel.
  Not anymore! Every girl should own a pair!
The nude shoe has come a long way baby! There are so many choices to choose from. Nude shoes can be paired with any color and is probably more versatile than a black shoe!

Celebrites that high step in the nude!

Nude shoes can be worn with absolutely every color or outfit.

I absolutely love these. Can you just imagine the endless choices of looks these can be paired with?

My favorite pair of nude shoes in my closet.  I love to rock them with my denim distressed jeans.

There are endless possibilities with a nude shoe. Ready to go nude?

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