Men's Trends: It's Chilly...Wear a Scarf!

Let's face it!
It's that time of year when we have to start buttoning up.

To protect yourself from the brisk winds, and from getting sick...

Men should embrace the idea of wearing scarves.
And here's some inspiration on how to do it.

Lookbook Inspiration
Men's Oversized Scarves and Mankets - Autumn/Winter Outfit Inspiration Lookbook
Key Styles

  • TOPMAN RED AND BLACK BLANKET SCARFTopman Red And Black Blanket Scarf
  • TOPMAN BLACK AND PURPLE BLANKET SCARFTopman Black And Purple Blanket Scarf
  • ZARA ZIGZAG WEAVE SCARFZara Zigzag Weave Scarf
  • ZARA CAMOUFLAGE PONCHOZara Camouflage Poncho
  • GEOMETRIC CHECK BLANKET SCARFGeometric Check Blanket Scarf
  • GRAPHIC BLANKET SCARFGraphic Blanket Scarf
  • GAP EXPLODED PLAID SCARFGap Exploded Plaid Scarf
  • ASOS BLANKET SCARFAsos Blanket Scarf
  • SUPREMEBEING AZTEC SCARFSupremebeing Aztec Scarf

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