Real Life: 3 Tips to Fall Asleep Like a Baby

Sometimes my mind is running so fast that I can't get it to slow down to drift off to sleep.

I will use sleep aids in that case just so that I can get enough rest to go through the next day.

But maybe...I'll try these three things...

Read A Book Before Bed

One of the best and renowned sleep hacks is to turn down the lights, snuggle down, and have a quick read of a good bedside tome. It doesn't have to be particularly highbrow reading, but studies show reading helps facilitate sleep by forcing you to remove yourself from electronic equipment – items designed to keep your mind visually stimulated – and into a relaxed activity. 

Set A Formal Bedtime

Setting a formal bedtime – as in a time in which you force yourself to go to bed every evening – can be extremely beneficial in terms of helping you get to sleep post-haste. Not only can setting a formal bedtime help you physically, it has some strong psychological benefits. Setting a certain time for you to go to sleep helps your mind recognize that it is time for you to start unwinding and relaxing. A regular bedtime also helps your brain adjust its levels of serotonin and melatonin, and helps balance your circadian rhythm out. 



I have recently started using ASMR videos on Youtube to help lull me to sleep. OK...they're a little weird at first, but after being open minded and just listening to them...they help me to relax and get tingles.

*read more about tingles here.

MY favorite is ASMRRequests, and give this video a try.

I also like these channels:
OliviaKissperASMR and  GentleWhispering

Got a tip? Let us know and we'll post it here!

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