She's a Pinup – Get Over It

Geesh people, she’s not YOUR mom!

Kim Kardashian is a pinup.

And I suppose throughout the history of the modern world, pinups have always been judged and shamed...except most of them don’t feel the shame you feel when you see their beauty on display, usually beautifully enhanced by the set, the makeup, the clothes (or not clothes) and photographer who dreamed up the image. They are hardly embarrassed by the ogling your man and every other one does, whilst you clutch your pearls in judgment and envy. No, not shame because if the chatter of her is the reaction, then she did her job.  And oh, her job, makes all the money.

Pinups get rich, play dress up in the finest clothes (or not clothes), get invited to the fanciest parties, just because, yanno, they made a business out of their sexuality.

Someone pitched Kim Kardashian this photo spread in Paper, even convinced her to show full frontal. (Which I recall an episode of her reality show when she swore never to do that. But, oh well, you can change your mind, especially when you make...all the money.) As for the magazine, yeah, that was a money grab for them, the photographer - the whole lot of them. (And me writing about her - a money grab, too! See how that works?)

It should be clear to you by now, what she does - what she has, makes money.

And, she can even trick you into spending your little coins on her virtually through a video game that just made $43 million in a quarter.

But here, her latest venture, she went back to the basics.

And only to you it matters whether her assets are faux or enhanced. But to them, it doesn’t matter. It’s an image and she's a fantasy.

As soon as humans learned the technology to print photos, pinups started making their rounds. When we learned to mass produce photos, that's when our first celebrities were born, and you can bet your bottom dollar that the pretty girls made the cut. (Hehe..."bottom dollar")

Betty Paige, "Queen of All Pinups"

Those photos were “pinned-up” on walls. 

They were also called “cheesecake photos”, and the glamour models were often drawn to where their assets were exaggerated. According to some, they’ve been doing that since the 1890’s.

Later on, burlesque dancers...okay, strippers, used them as business cards. That’s how the sailor going off to war would have a sweet little image to post above his bunk.

You’ve heard of Betty Boop. She’s a cartoon.

Betty Paige, she was the real thing.

They drew Boop, and Paige was as close as they could get to Boop's exaggeration. (They call her the “Queen of Pinups”, and this was before all of this enhancement technology.)

Kim Kardashian...well, enhanced or not, I’m not here to judge that, but her features are definitely exaggerated.

Betty Boop
French photographer Jean-Paul Goude took these photos of Kimmie, and some argue that he is no stranger to exploiting beauty under the guise of art. He often uses ethnic models, and most famously Grace Jones, in various primal animal forms. One jarring image is Jones on all fours in a cage. But here, he decided to repurpose a photo he took in 1976 Carolina Beaumont” that was recently on display a couple of years ago at Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris.

Paris! France! Of all places, is the wrong place to show off exploitative naked photos of black women. The memories are hurtful...ehem...Sara Baartman.

Sara Baartman

As for Kim K. knowing this history, I’ll assume that she didn’t. And I’m not mad at her for not knowing or even not caring. That’s not her job. That’s not what she is here for. She is a pinup.

This is for perspective, if you realize that, then you won’t care that she’s a mom, because that part doesn’t matter.

1976, Carolina Beaumont” 
By the way, why isn’t there the same outrage and the clutching of the pearls for the photo that Beyonce posted last weekend? She, too...a pinup and a mom. #noshade

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  1. Wow! Way to break everything down. Perspective is correct.

  2. Well, I guess. Beyonce is wearing the same things as Betty Boop

  3. I thought I was the only person who was not upset about Kim K's pics! I mean, big deal. Her job is to be fabulous and show it off. Job done.


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