Travel: How to Book a Room in a Sold Out Hotel

This summer I took a business trip with my then boyfriend.

He said he would handle the hotel booking because his company would pay for it.

So with that, he was basically carefree about it all.

We were going to a convention, and during our convention weekend there were three more going on in the city!

So yes! You guessed it...the host hotel was sold out.

But it wasn't just that...
all the neighboring hotels sold out too...
and the nearest room we could get was a $10 cab ride away.

So over the course of 4 days, I racked up $100 in cab fare. (That includes Uber-ing, too!)

He apologized and I didn't pound him about it...(because I know how he is. It was always going to be a last minute thing for him.)

But I wished that I knew this tip that I learned from Wendy Perrin, from Perrin Post.
 "Trying to get into a sold-out hotel? Find out when cancellation penalties set in for the date you want to arrive, then call the property on the morning of that day. You can scoop up rooms made available by people who've just canceled."
That makes so much sense.

It would have at least been worth the try, because my EX booked our hotel the night before!

Imagine the money I could have saved, the the extra hours in the lobby I would have gained...knowing my room was just an elevator ride up!

Lesson learned.

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