10 for Men: His Perspective on Beauty

I've decided to get inside the minds of some of my favorite guys and crawl around a bit, see just what it is that they find beautiful. Enjoy!!!!

Meet my friend Tony – he’s funny, sweet, and has an appreciation and respect for women that I really admire. Oh, and ahem, yep! he’s single!!!!!!

Here, ten of my favorite questions to ask men...

The first thing I notice about a woman is… that she is a woman!  There is not just one thing for me that first captures my eye.  It could be her figure, her hair, or just the way she stands there across the room.  I might first notice her smile or the way her eyes light up the room.  Every woman is unique.

The most beautiful thing a woman can wear… I could say her smile, which is very important to me, but I do have a personal weakness for a woman in a pair of sexy high heels, (especially a pair of black Christian Louboutins!) and she knows how to walk in them.  That will definitely get my attention!

The one thing women obsess over that we men don’t care about at all is… hmmm this is a good question.  I think that depends on the woman.  The most common for me has been the woman obsessing over what we guys are thinking.  They will discuss it over and over with their girlfriends to get their perspective. Maybe it was because of something we said, or didn’t do.  It’s like it is a mystery that needs to be solved.  There is no need to obsess over that - all you have to do is ask us!  We also want to be understood. 

A woman with curves is… attractive!! If she were built like a guy then I would not be attracted!

Women in their 40’s… can be sexy and attractive, and the sexiness can come with age through wisdom and experience.  The other part is the confidence that they have about themselves which is also what makes a woman sexy to me.  Confidence for some is achieved at an early age, but for others I have seen it come about when they have matured and gained some wisdom - who they are, what they bring to the table as a woman in a relationship. 

The most beautiful woman I ever met was… that is hard to answer because every woman I have dated has had something unique that makes her beautiful.  It could be her laugh or the way she smiles, or the way she looks at me.  It could also be the way she carries herself or soft skin.  To me beauty is more than just physical.  She doesn’t have to look like a model.  It’s the person she is combined with her looks that I think makes her beautiful.

I wish I could let every woman know…  not to overthink things.  Just be yourself.  Be confident and proud of who you are!  I can usually tell the difference between a woman that is constantly over thinking things, and someone that is sure of herself and knows what she wants and can offer.  I find that more attractive in a woman.

Here I am with Tony at one of our annual friend reunions. He's an awesome guy!

The one beauty trend I have never understood is… anti aging or anti wrinkling creams.  I never really see any major benefit, and sometimes I believe they are just way over priced.  I believe healthy eating is the best thing in taking good care of your body and your skin.

The “perfect” woman is the one who…  Wow!  What is the perfect woman?  I could say that she is caring, affectionate, and attractive, likes to look pretty for me all the time, is a great cook and great lover in bed.  While all those things do count, and they count for a lot, I think there two key elements that are required for me to find that perfect woman - chemistry and timing.

My favorite quote about beauty/women is:
There are a couple of verses from a song called “Woman” by Maroon 5.

If I could bottle up the chills that you give me
I would keep them in a jar next to my bed.
And If I should ever draw a picture of a woman
It is you that would come flowing from my pen

Helplessly melting as I stand next to the sun.
As she burns me, I am screaming out for more
Drink every drop of liquid heat that I've become.
Pop me open, spill me out on to the floor.

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