10 for Men: An Interview with Photographer Spencer Huffman

This week photographer Spencer Huffman answers my ten favorite questions to ask men (and what they find beautiful about women). Check him out!!!

The first thing I notice about a woman is…her eyes and her demeanor.

The most beautiful thing a woman can wear…I'm fairly simple here, I'm good with just some well fit jeans and a well fitted shirt. Knowing your body and how your clothes should fit goes a long way. Also minimalistic makeup that looks natural, if any at all.

The one thing women obsess over that we men don’t care about at all is…what other people think. I'm not saying that men don't care at all, but I'd say they definitely care less. Over analyzing things is something that seems to create more negativity than anything else.

A woman with curves is…awesome. Confidence comes from within and if you embrace who you are and love yourself first anything and everything is possible for you at that point.

Women in their 30s are…all over the place. I don't have a generic response for this question. I've met women in their 30's who are level headed, or whom are a mess, and everything in between.

The most beautiful woman I ever met was… This is another extremely difficult one to answer since I work with models regularly and therefore I have met tons of beautiful people. I tend to find something beautiful about everyone I meet.

I wish I could let every woman know…that they ARE beautiful, or allow them to see themselves through someone else's eyes. Our self perception is often very askew.

The one beauty trend I have never understood is…fake tans. haha But seriously, I don't get the fascination with the look. Especially as a photographer it very rarely translates well for the camera.

The “perfect” woman is the one who…embraces herself and doesn't live her life for anyone else. I'm not speaking in terms of being selfish, but rather just knowing what she wants out of life and also knowing how to handle relationships with people around her while being true to herself and not being a negative aspect in anyone's life. I think that bodes for anyone though, not just women.

My favorite quote about beauty/women is:A beautiful woman should break her mirror early.” Baltasar Gracian

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  1. lovely. he seems great.

  2. A good guy, young, single women, pay attention.

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