Fashion: Trends to leave in 2014!

Say goodbye!! LET'S END THIS!

  First, lets start with false eye lashes! No more thick clunky lashes! Stop doubling up! Lashes should look natural and enhance your eyes, not cover your eyes like blankets. 

If you wear strips, I recommend the Au Naturale 03 by Kiss. It has a very natural look. (No need to add mascara)
If you want shorter lashes try Au Naturale 01.

Second, how can I say this.....just plain TH*T (you know the word)  clothes. Can we start leaving something to the imagination? Let's bring sexy and classy back! 

Don't trust every boutique page on Instagram!! It's a trick! You will not look sexy in this!! Nikki Minaj can get away with this because she's an entertainer selling us a fantasy! The average person should not try this at home!!!
Those are just a few of my picks! What do you think?
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