Fashion: Her Boutique!

CIAA is just a week away! It's shopping time!

Her Boutique (2001 Commonwealth, Charlotte N.C.)

 I always have to let my fashionistas know about the hottest, and  most overlooked shopping spots in town. Her boutique is located off Central Ave. on Commonwealth Ave. 
High fashion items for a very affordable cost!

Leopard print is the trend this winter. It never goes out of style in my closet!
(skirt $50, blouse $45)

All the latest fashions! Sweatshirts with faux leather, midi-dresses and mini-dresses, long sheer tops, and all types of bottoms!

I'll admit I window shopped for a while before actually buying anything. My good friend who owns the boutique was getting frustrated with me for not coming in and trying on some items. Well, I finally did today and I was not disappointed! 
All of the pieces were under $100.

Mid drift two piece outfits are very popular! Her boutique has it all!

Check it out and tell me what you think!
Happy shopping!

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  1. this place looks lovely.
    where is it?

  2. 2001 Commonwealth , Charlotte N.C.


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