Beauty: "I Can't Brush My Hair!!!" - The Curly Hair Struggle kind of just have to embrace them. 

Curly hair can be wonderful on a good day. But along with those shiny, bouncy fabulous curls comes some serious maintenance. Otherwise, things can get a little crazy.

Oh, and then there's the curly-girl mantra... "I can't brush my hair!". Nobody gets this like another curly girl. We can brush our hair - once. Right when we get out of the shower. After that, the hair must not be messed with, no matter how knotty it gets, until just before the next time it's washed.

Let me explain further....

Model Stacey Johnson has epic curls but says: "The daily struggle = length > width!"

I personally have the worst kind of curly hair - it gets really tangled easily. Not really straight, not all cute and ringlet-y, it's just kind of there. And here's the thing about curly hair. It GROWS. And I don't mean longer, I mean outward.

Here I am on day 1. Hair somewhat tame -

At night, curly hair MUST be contained in a sort of bun type thing, so as not to wake up with insane bed head...
Yeah, no makeup with that beautiful updo. You're welcome.

Day 2, the hair is out of the bun and has grown...poofier :/

Finally, that evening, it's time to wash the mane. But first, the brushing of the hair...

Y'all see what I'm dealing with here?

It's not just me, either. Here's model Legan Collins BBO (Before Brush Out)...

And after....

That's some big hair!!!

Legan's take on her hair? "It's frizzy, tangles easily, and is unpredictable. It just does what it wants!"

Here's model Stacey Johnson again, BBO...
(Photo by Mike Newcomer)

And after...

 "For those people who seem to think that brushing curly hair will make it straight...not even close!" Stacey Johnson

"This is for everyone who gives me that 'look' when I say I don't brush my hair. #proofofthepoof" Stacey Johnson

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  1. aint seen curly - kinky hair until you've dealt with mine


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