Love: There's a New Dating App, And It's Made by a Woman

I was invited to a the launch party of a new dating app...

Piq is the brainchild of Dr. Heavenly from the reality show "Married to Medicine." And she said she came up with it because all of the other sites simply get it wrong.

what it is
From the website Dr. Heavenly says:

"People say they want real love, yet hold tight to superficial criteria for choosing who they date. Piq strips it all away and leaves what really matters - the connection. At the end of the day, you want to be liked for who you are - not for what you have, what you do for a living, or even what you look like. If you’re curious and open enough to give love a real shot, join the Piq community for an extraordinary mobile dating experience."

how it works
Basically, if you see something you like on the site, you let them know, but they can't see you. You have to initiate "ice breaking" conversation, and if you "piq" their interest they can see you...
you have to take a picture with your phone immediately. Dr. Heavenly says that's to weed out those 20 year-old photos that people use on dating websites.

She also claims that her app will be the best approach since she is happily, and submissively married. She apparently believes that since she has a man, she has the authority on what works.

why i did it

Certainly my inhibitions nearly stopped me from trying it. But the newness of the New Year still lingers, and I know that you have to practice at dating to be good. Also, you have to play big to win big.

what I expected
I expected an upscale crowd and a better than average ratio of men-to-women. I also expected the reality show cameras, because we were warned of that. (I am so grateful that I managed to avoid them! Whew!

what I didn't like...
Welp! was like every other "dating" event I have been to. It fell short, and I literally counted five...yes, five men. There were about 50 women.

Also, we never got to try the app. It was the launch event, but it wasn't ready.
(To date...two week still isn't ready.)

Nothing, but the promise that I could get a free trial of the app. 
So I will...and I will let you know, too. (And by the way the event was two weeks ago, they said they'd give us the app the day after the event. I am still waiting... Oh...did I say that already?)

And so, the "made by a woman" part doesn't really matter at this point.

In the meantime, check out the app yourself:
But...I wouldn't hold my breath on this one.

I am more interested in letting you know that there are tons of apps and websites ready to help you get your groove on.

Oh...BTW...take a look at my video from the event (of course, the music and my editing makes it look waaaay more fun than it actually was.)

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  1. it's always the same mess. there's never anything new!


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