Love: 5 Spicy bedroom accessories!

I came across an article in Harper's Bazaar and I was in awe of how far technology has come!

For the discreet!
(courtesy of Harper's Bazaar)
These particular bedroom accessories are for those who love to step our the box in all areas of life! 

Their  "fashion forward " extends beyond just clothes, stepping out the box in private and yet discreet but not enough to close the nightstand drawer.

This necklace can be worn on date night with your significant other, it can be the last thing you take off at night!
Vesper Vibrator Necklace, $69

You don't have to worry about leaving this out on the dresser! No one would know. 

21-setting gold diamond vibrator. Biioux Indiscrets Twentv One

This toy won Cannes Lions award for best design sold. It's like winner an Oscar so I guess it must be well worth the money!

Lelo Ora 2 $169.
Of course we all know about the popular Bedroom Kandi! This is her lipstick replica massager. These make great gifts for brides-to-be. Small enough to carry in your purse.

Bedroom Kandi Lipstick Vibrator, $59,

After the fun has ended you can keep this on as you doze off into dream land!

KiKi de Montparnasse Love is Blind Blindfold, $250,

So for those of us who love all things fancy, you know the ones who wear furry slippers and silk robes around the house, these are for us! Very discreet and girly!

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