Travel: Attend a Pro Tennis Tourney Like A Boss

One of the most posh, pinky's-up thing you can do is attend a professional tennis event.

Taking in all the sights, including Sloane Stephens see-thru skirt,
at the 2014 Sony Open

Sure the French Open and Wimbledon, even the US Open are very fancy-pants.
But nothing smells like (new) money better than the Miami Open.

The event technically starts today and goes through April 5th.
I went last year (when it was called the Sony Open).

What makes this tennis event so cool is that it's in Miami...
so you can plan your trip to beach, shop and tennis!

But let's face it: Miami itself is pretty expensive. So you can imagine the bucks that you can spend at the hoity-toity tennis event?

Here's my secrets to navigating a pro tennis event while getting the most bang for your buck.

1. Get a ground ticket
When your budget won't allow for seats, (because they can be up to $400 at times), opt for a ground ticket. It will at least get you through the gates. (And if you are really determined, just keep your eyes out for  those selling their tickets inside. Most tournaments have a resale kiosk.)

Grounds tickets are great ways to see matches on the outside (of center court). However, they are usually more expensive earlier in the tournament, as you are likely to see bigger named players in their early round matches. But whenever you go, you will at least be in the house. So soak up all of the social sight-seeing you can!

2. No free food, but free drinks (maybe)
You won't have much luck finding free food once inside, but you may be able to snack on giveaways and samples by the vendors' booth. I will warn that it will be annoying over time, so you'll have to eventually give in if you are staying all day. But, there hasn't been a tournament that I've been to that hasn't had free Red Bull and even free beer given out as promotions. Hunt around for those and save big bucks on beverages to wet your whistle throughout the day.

3. Volunteer
OK, so you'll have to give up some of your time, but the perks can be great. You'll get lots of access, plus free admission, parking and they feed you too! But warning, these jobs go quickly. Pay attention to the advertisements for tournament volunteers and then apply immediately.

4. Network
It can take you a long way. Making new tennis friends can gain you access to exclusive mixers and VIP, members-only events. Then once inside, there will be free food and drinks galore!

Check out the video of my trip. I attended two days in a row!

Here's some photos that I took of players.
I'm experimenting with sports photography...since, yanno, I'm always at events.
What do you think?


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