Travel: How to Get the Most Out of Festivals

It's starting to warm up outside...

which means it's time to go out and play.

The afterglow and pose of an awesome day at the Counterpoint Festival
That also means it's Festival Season!

Bring plenty of snacks, drinks and cash. Don't forget blankets, or hoodies.
You'll likely make a long drive to festival-land, and will either be camping or staying the entire day -- the best thing you can do is plan for it!

Look the part
Taking a seat and crammed in a tight place with one of my favorite festival buddies.

Second, you'll need to tag team when folks want to roam, use the porta-john, grab some food, or hook up real quick with the cutie across the grass.

Also, often, cellphone signals are garbage...usually the festival is in some far off land. So, grouping up and traveling with at least one other, will ensure that you will always have a playmate if you split up amongst the crowds.

We got a front row seat to one of our favorite bands and the cutest guitarist, Kellindo.

Be prepared
Check the weather. 

Remember, if rain is in the forecast, the show will still go on. So you'll need rain boots and a poncho, and keep it moving.

This is one of the few times you can bring out your inner hippie, no matter your age.

Wear daring, even half-naked clothing.
Comb your hair or not.
The outdoor festival is where you can be free.
If you need some inspiration, check out this Pinterest Page.

Don't forget to wear comfortable shoes and clothes, and gear that you are not afraid to soil. (If it rains, you don't want to worry about your new Nike's getting muddy.)

Last year I went to see Outkast at Counterpoint Music Festival in Rome, GA. I cut up a t-shirt, fringed it out. Create a headband with a colored scarf, and brought my rain boots!

Go with a group.
First, it's more fun with your friends, right?

Once there, you and your friends need to claim a spot.
Bands play all day on different stages, so no doubt, you'll want to roam. But for the main act, you'll want to claim your spot early. As time nears for the main act, folks start filling in your gap, even personal space. You and your homies will want to use your forcefield to keep your territory.

Check out this video of my trip to Counterpoint last year. You can see, my friends and I were at the front gate when Janelle Monae hit the stage.

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  1. so cute. looks fun. i wanna go be a hippie now!


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