Travel: How to Be a Citizen of the World

We've reached March - can you feel it?
The warmer weather is on the horizon.

Last year I was blessed to travel adventures and experiences that, quite frankly, my budget wouldn't have imagined would have been possible. 

One of the ways I have been able to travel all over the world was because of my openness to try new things.
One of those new things is a travel planning gem called

Doing touristy things can be fun but the real cultural adventure comes when you have the inside local track guiding your experiences. 
The best times in foreign places can be had when you have a friend who lives there telling you what’s cool to do off the beaten path of tourist traps. 

Airbnb gets you off on that familiar foot as it hooks you up with local digs and new friends wherever your destination maybe. 

Airbnb is pretty well known as an alternative to hotel living while traveling but considering last year was my first time taking full advantage of it I must spread the word even further. 

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So, what exactly is Airbnb you ask? 

Airbnb is a website platform for people to rent out lodging as hosts and for travelers turned house guests to find that perfect place to stay. Airbnb opens the doors to some of the world’s most interesting places to stay with its worldwide community of over half a million listings in over 30,000 cities across 192 countries. 

But, it’s not just about a place to stay. It's also about the unique experience unlike anything a hotel or resort can provide. 

Another benefit: rooms are typically much less expensive than a hotel, which means more spending cash in your pocket for traveling escapades!

How does it work?
Just visit and search for last minute accommodations.
You can then chose from cool penthouses to treehouses and houseboats. There are also standard rooms in apartments to entire homes available to rent. 
If you so dare, try couch surfing or find long term sublets in thousands of cities. 

As they say, there’s levels to this...and they’re endless. 
Simply search the website by putting in the city, your check-in and check-out dates and the number of guests you need accommodations for. Then check out the pictures and descriptions and reviews to your hearts content. 

When you’re ready to take the next step of booking your stay you have to commit to the Airbnb community by creating a simple profile. These profiles keep folks in check and help the host get to know you a little better and also allow you to communicate directly with the host before committing or paying.

It also helps keep the Airbnb community safe.

Now you’re ready to “Request to Book” the listing of your choice. 
Press that button then wait patiently to hear back from the host. Confirmations are usually granted within 24 hours and Airbnb facilitates payment through the secure website. 

It’s really that simple. 
the comfy bedroom in my stay in Atlanta, GA

stay at a British Castle for just $159/night

This is a loft in Brooklyn available to rent.

isn't this green house in Southern California a dream?

There’s an even bigger piece of the Airbnb pie for you if you want to be a Host. 
If your mouth (and wallet) is watering for some extra money and you have the space to do it. You can post your extra rooms or home on the website. 
It’s free to sign up and opens your home or room listing up to a worldwide audience. Airbnb has a 1 million dollar “Host Guarantee” (read those terms and 
conditions carefully), plus trust and safety tools to help you accept a booking only if you’re 100% comfortable. So peace of mind is pretty much a sure thing. 

The secure payment system through Airbnb puts money in your bank account 24 hours after guests check in. 

My experience so far has been a sunny terrace view in the Art and Design district of downtown Toronto, cool ass hosts in Brooklyn, $65/night upscale lodging in Atlanta proper and swanky southern hospitality in the center of the Historic District in downtown Charleston. Not only have my accommodations been in primo metropolitan locations with super stylish and eclectic décor but the local insight and hospitality our hosts have given us have been invaluable. 

So, jump on this shared economy bandwagon. 

Yours in Creative Spirit,

Jimese Orange

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