Travel: Life #Reset at Wind River

Life came at me fast, and as soon as I was able...

 I took a trip out of town!

I went to Wind River Cancer and Wellness Retreat in Tryon, NC. 

what is wind river
Wind River is a little oasis at Appalachian foothills in North Carolina. They primarily host wellness retreats, in particular, for those suffering with or in recovery from cancer.

Here's a story I did about it years ago:

why i went
I had a horrible end of 2014. (I briefly talked about it in Blessings Jar video.)
My life literally came crashing down on me all at once. It was the hardest time in my adult life and I am so grateful for everyone who helped me pull through it. One of the things that aided in my healing was being able to escape to the crisp mountain air. 

About a month after my disasters, I reached out to the owners, Shannon and David. When I shot the story (see video above), they told me that they allow their friends to come use the property even if they aren't cancer patients. After writing a brief letter about what was going on with me, they told me to come on up and stay for as long as I wanted.

what is there
Nothing but nature: a small river is just foot steps from my private cabin. The cabin is so cozy that you could imagine moving permanently. You could move freely about the property, which is full of trails, and even a glorious waterfall. My gracious hosts laughed when I locked the door to my cabin. I was also welcome at anytime to their main house.

Though the air was crisp and cold, I took my winter coat and tried to soak up as much of that place of healing as I could.

what i did with my time
Mostly sleep. Which, Shannon said is expected and needed from most of their guests.
I read a little, and wrote a good bit.
I was forbidden from using the internet...but I did sneak to use it via my cellphone to catch up on The House of Cards. (Shhh...don't tell.)
But, that was relaxing to me...I don't get to watch TV like that it was an escape.
And on the final evening, the couple made me dinner and we hung out.

my over all experience and takeaway
I knew what I wanted from the experience. I kind of came in with a plan, and that was to really do nothing. It's really hard for me to do nothing, so I worked on my book and watched TV.
I really wished I could've had at least one or two more days there. But, it was just what the doctored ordered.
I called it my "Re-set" weekend. I marked it as an end to one big chapter in my life and the start of the next, more exciting and fulfilling one.
check out the video

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