Travel: How to Build a Travel Emergency Kit & What Pills to Pack

No body likes getting sick when on a trip.

Whether your travel is for business or pleasure, did you know that 63% of travelers get sick while on vacation?!

Well as much planning as I'm sure you do for a trip, that may even include preventative measures, like increasing your vitamin-c intake days before and being well rested, there are some things that may hit you while you're away that you may have overlooked: sunburn, food poisoning, even motion sickness.

I've created a very compact emergency kit made for travel. The items I stock have increased over the years, but the small bag has remained the same.
I am literally prepared for all situations.

Here's a video of what I keep in my "pill pack".
*keep in mind this is an abbreviated version of what I pack. I often change and adjust according the trip and climate.

Here's a list you can use as a guide to start building your own.

This is truly a case where I believe overpacking is worth it. You'd rather be safe than sorry, especially when traveling places where you don't know the customs or language.

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