Beauty: The 7 Most Glamorous BLACK Grandmas In The World

The Huffington Post put up an article today named 

The 7 Most Glamorous Grandmas In The World

And there was not one...
not one BLACK woman on the list! IN THE WORLD?!

And they know good, and doggone well, that
Black Don't Crack!

Alas, they leave it up to me to curate a list...right quick!

1. Diahann Carroll
Last reported, the fiery actress from Dynasty, and trailblazer from Julia and Claudine, has two grandchildren from her only daughter Suzanne. She's 79 years-old, BTW!

2. Phylicia Rashād

She's the mom we all wished was ours...or wished our mom acted more like, from the Cosby Show. She was beautiful, witty, successful and understanding. For sure, a TV fantasy...right? 

According to Media Takeout, the 66 year-old icon has two grandchildren.

3. Diana Ross

She's the boss! Need we say more?
(I am really outdone that these people (HuffPo) couldn't find one!)

Ms. Ross is everyone's glam hero, even to this day. Every singing diva has a touch of her influence. Plus she did whatever she damn wanted and ruled the world.

For the record she has two grandchildren from daughter Rhonda, plus an inherited step-grandson from Evan's wife, Ashlee Simpson. She's on fire still at age 71.

4. Beverly Johnson

The gorgeous super model has stood the test of time. As the first black woman to grace the cover of Vogue Magazine, she was our hope to convince "them" of black beauty. I mean, black girls aren't just beautiful, we're magical! I digress...but, how befitting is it to include her in this post!

Johnson recently resurfaced as one of the accusers in the misbehaving Bill Cosby scandal. But, we'll focus on the empire that she's built with her wig and hair extension line.

She has three grandchildren from her only daughter, Anansa Sims.

5. Tina Turner

Though she can't be bothered to live in the U.S. with us anymore (she now resides in Zurich, Switzerland, and talks with a strange & faux accent), this music icon gives every bit of sass and pizzaz at 75 years-old. She has a grandson and granddaughter.

6. Tina Knowles
Did you see how banging she was at daughter Solange's wedding last November? It can be argued that she's hotter than Beyoncé, too...but that's a different debate for another day. And, I don't have time to fight the BeyHive today.

Beyoncé's "Blue" and Solange's "Julez" give this stunner two gran-babies at age 61.

7. Marian Robinson 

Because we can't wait for "them" to do it and this is my ish - we're giving a shout out to the First Grandma. And we love the mother of FLOTUS Michelle Obama's presence all up in the White House property.

*Bonus: Patricia Sutton

That's my mom. Why? Cuz, she my mama. At age 61, she has two grandons, and goes by Nana. 
BTW...I took this headshot. Yup, I'm braggin'.

The only reason I did this list was because of the lack of melanin in the HuffPo one. It's kinda ridiculous that we still have to beg for inclusion for the sake of diversity.
And, it only took about an hour!

Also note: the comparisons of the grandma's in our list and theirs, and their prevalent botoxed - plasticky faces. #ijs

Have more ideas of Glam Grandma's? Let us know and we'll post it here!

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