Beauty: Welcome to Jorgie's World (Model, Actress, Mentor)

There's a chance you might not like the kind of art she turns out - but there's also a chance she just may not care.

She's outspoken, yet shy. She lays it all out there, but is somewhat anti-social. Meet the paradox that is Jorgie, and find out just why I feel compelled to follow her progress!

Photo by Har Marshall

I can't really feign surprise when I find out that Jorgie was discovered at 18 months of age, after she took to the catwalk during a break in one of her sisters' fashion shows. Her sister's agent took one look at this precocious kid strutting her stuff and signed little miss Jorgie as a runway model.

Photo: Amani Images
Male Model: Picaso Leone

Flash forward to 2015, and Jorgie is still modeling..and dancing...and acting. She's also working on her first record release and putting together an agency of her own. In other words, still strutting her stuff.

Photo: 7545 Photography

As for her modeling career, Jorgie sees herself not so much posing for, but rather making love to the camera lens:

"...making love is supposed to be a passionate experience. I am passionate about every move I make in front of a camera. I was talking to a friend one day and they said, " love is not something you do, it is a place you go".  I lived by my quote prior to that discussion, but after those words were spoken- and I truly received them- I began to fully understand my own passion for what I do.  As a creative, that connection with oneself is vital to existence and self-relevance."

Photo: Har Marshall

She's got a great sense of style too. When asked about trends, she says only this:

"I am so over everyone looking like everyone else.  Good gracious, folks. Can you not dress yourselves???"

I'm thinking this means she would totally approve of my latest personal trend - sundresses over jeans. At least, that's what I'm telling myself!

Photo: Amani Images

I enjoy reading about #jorgiesworld on social media. Says Jorgie:

"#JorgiesWorld is exactly what is sounds like: Mine. I feel safe, loved, respected, admired, desired, satisfied, disappointed and all those other things we call emotions. In Jorgie's World, all of these sentiments become one in an instant and they are revealed as such: a moment in time. I am a fairly personal (almost anti-social) being, so anything I reveal to the world is extremely personal to me. I created #JorgiesWorld so that I could still feel that sense of security whilst allowing total strangers into my life."

Want to keep up with Jorgie? Here's how:

Instagram: (personal) JorgieNotMason and (professional) JorgieMason
Facebook & Twitter: TheJorgieMason
Vine: JorgieMasonLive
Disclaimer: I am an absolute failure as a Viner!  I am aware of that, but heck we all start somewhere! *winks*


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