Events: What's in my gift bag?

I have the honor of being invited and attending many events.

My favorites are when we are given a gift bag.

Most times it's junk.
But sometimes there's some rad stuff.
(Although not as good as those celebrity gift bags, we media members do get some nice little gadgets.)

I recently was invited to a dinner hosted by the North Carolina Tourism Board .
And man, oh man! I walked away with the heaviest bag full of wine, candy, BBQ sauce and more!

When I came home I decided it would be fun to un-bag it with you.
Because what's the fun of doing it by my self?

I gotta tell was like Christmas Day!

So...check out Part 1 of the video...
(I split it in two, because there was so much stuff, when edited down it was still nearly 20 minutes!)
This video series is an experiment, so if you like it...please let me know!

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