Fashion: What Would JLo Do?

Have you ever seen Jennifer Lopez look bad? I haven't. There's a reason why she's my over 40 style icon. She's classy, she's fun, she throws something risky out there every so often...I just love her.

When I turned 40, I found myself caught in the middle of not wanting to stop wearing the latest fads, and knowing I needed to look a bit more adult. I began to look for my own personal style icon - someone roughly my age, with the same body type.

Now when I make style decisions, I try to follow my mantra: What Would JLo Do?

One of her not-so everyday looks. But who knows, maybe if I get married again someday?

Here's how it works:

Hair is key. As a woman over 40, I find that most of my peers have cut their hair into a shorter, more manageable 'do. They look great, but I am still crazy about long hair, so... if it's good enough for JLo, it's good enough for me. For now, I still go with the extra long hair.

Looong hair - yep, I'm hanging on to mine!!!!

I was raised in Miami Beach, and my style reflects that. I like to be comfortable and cute. I am all about the maxi dresses, and JLo wears them well. When shopping, I will try one on and think: Would Jennifer wear this?

I travel quite a bit, and again, I like to be stylish but with some function. I have adopted the practice of these long sweaters, because I can use them on the plane as blankets or pillows when I sleep!

I loathe winter, and I find it hard to look great in a coat. I love the a-line looks Jen wears, and they seem to work well with my curves, so I look for coats with a classic a-line with a bit of swing to them.

When it's blazing hot outside, I just can't bear the thought of makeup. However, I am one of those girls that NEEDS makeup to look awake. The solution? Big sunglasses!!! I can throw them on, and with a quick updo I look put together and no one is the wiser!

Who is your style icon and why? Write in and let us know!!


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