Men: Ladies- 11 Rules to follow on a dinner date.

The men have spoken and you'll be surprised at what they have to say! 

I wrote an article June 12, 2015, called 15 Table Manner Rules for Gentlemen (if you missed it, go back and check it out). Well..that set off a storm of comments from men on my Facebook page. It seems that although they agree with some of the rules, it varies on who they show their "gentlemanly" side to.  I'll admit a few of the rules apply to a more formal register, but for the most part, they're just basic rules to being a gentleman on a date (in my opinion). But some men don't feel the need to be a gentleman because they feel we don't deserve it. Wow! The main issue men had was the way women are acting on dates. So I asked them for a list of rules for women on a dinner date. Here is what I got!

Rules for ladies:

1. Stop asking to taste other people's food, Especially not at the table beside you!

2. Don't drink too much! 

3. If you don't usually order lobster, don't do it now just because you don't have to pay for it! Don't base your order on how large you think your dates wallet is.

4. Don't order a to-go dinner for your best-friend or roommate at home and add it to the check!

5. Show respect to the servers and wait staff!

6. No texting, talking on phone, or loud talking!

7. Stop being so picky! Stop sending food back, especially before you even taste it! ( I have to agree with them on this one! This is a pet peeve of mine)

8.  After dinner, don't say " I got next time!", just do it if you are going to do it! More than likely you aren't.

9. Don't invite anyone else on your date! Even if you see a friend at the bar, don't ask her to come join you at the table! (True story! I was shocked to hear this one!)

10. It's okay to have moments of silence! Don't keep asking, "Are you okay?". Plus you don't want to talk with your mouth full.

11. Last but not least....the most common complaint! Stop taking and posting pictures of yourself and your food and posting them on social media!!! Don't post in your status about the date, while on the date! 

So wow! There you have it ladies. Are women really acting like this on dates? Or do you think the women acted this way because they didn't enjoy the date?  Maybe he didn't have manners. Hmmmm.... 
What do you think? I would love your feedback! 

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  1. I would say not surprising but the amount of women behaving as such is alarming. *shrug

  2. This was pretty accurate lol! I don't think women including myself, realize the little things we may do at home aren't appropriate in public. But there are some men that don't have know proper etiquette as well. So I think we should just be aware of what we do to make the date go smoothly!

  3. this is cool. i love men's POV


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