Events: Sneak Peak at Oka-B

What's Oka-B?
That's what I asked when I was invited to the 2015 Fall Collection Preview this summer.

When I walked into their headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia for the party, I was immediately hit with nostalgia from my childhood.
"Jelly shoes!" I screamed internally!
But these jellies weren't for kids. They were grown-ups!

These navy jelly wedges were debut in the 2015 fall collection, and I got to take them home as a gift!
The style is called "Emery peep-toe wedge" and comes in 10 colors.

Oka-B say they were founded on the principle that fashion and comfort should never be mutually exclusive. 
Oka-B shoes are meant to give you a massage with every step, the company claims.
Also...everyone at the event was fascinated that my nail color matched everything in the store. The official photographer kept taking photos of my feet. Don't be surprised if I'm their next foot model!

The company started in 2005 with two basic styles, a slide and a thong. They designed the shoe to feel like a spa shoe by integrating principles of reflexology and ergonomics.

The shoes are waterproof, washable and recyclable.
They're also made in the USA - in Buford Georgia.
The Emery wedge starts at $56 dollars. These shoes can also be adorned = accessorized for a few bucks extra.
You can buy Oka-B shoes at upscale resorts, spas, hotels and specialty gift shops - or directly from their website

Check out my video of the party:

I tried the shoes for a night out. The idea of them are fantastic, especially for a work shoe. But I found the body a bit too "jelly" - too soft, so I never had a comfortable walk. My feet felt unsupported. They felt awkward. They were not comfortable for me and they made a squeaking noise when I walked.

Soooo...I gave them to my sister. They are pretty shoes, indeed. But alas, she reported similar issues. So, I can't recommend the Emery wedge, but I certainly will give one of their flats or sandals a try!

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