Real Life: 3 Things I Learned After a Car Accident

In April someone rammed into the front of my car. 
Yes! That's right. He reversed his car in the middle of the street and crashed my car so badly the insurance company totaled it!

God has graced me to never have been in an accident before. But because of my in experience I nearly got GOT!
Thankfully I did not.
But as a result, I want to share three things that I learned from getting into a car accident...
that no one tells you!

1. They are your enemy 

You don't have to be rude. You can be cordial, like your mama taught you. But do recognize, since you have crashed, they are now your enemy. Each side will do what they can to save face (and money.) 

2. After you establish that you are safe, before you snap photos of the scene,

Turn on your voice recorder and get their raw reaction. They have emotions about the accident, just like you do. So get their unedited emotional reaction before they have time to come up with a new story that serves them. Record it via audio on your phone. I'm not sure if that's legal. But it will be something you can let the officer on the scene hear, if they decide to change their story in a way that will harm you.

3. Write your account ASAP.

There's a lot going on at the scene of an accident. The best thing you can do while waiting for the police is jot down your testimony before it gets any more cluttered by other activities on the scene. This is especially helpful if you are innocent in the situation.

After those immediate things, then follow the adivce of the guides that recommend you take photos and video, exchange insurances, etc.

Check out my full rant of the accident here:

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