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3 Ways to Win on a Monday

Why Hate Mondays?? True, it is the beginning of a long work week for most of us, but why let it bring you down? Start the week off like a winner. At The Daily Affair we like to make every day fabulous. Here are our three best tips!

Stacey's weekend included winning a sought after prize at a Women's Conference. She's got a great memory to start the week off right!

Take your weekend with you
Whether you spent time with family, had a fabulous mini-vacay, or just spent a lazy Sunday on the couch, keep those weekend memories with you today and call them to mind when you need a pick-me-up.

Boss Lady Dayvee Sutton spent the weekend in Quebec, Canada! Safe to say she's got plenty to carry her through the week.

Fortify yourself with fun
Make midweek plans with your bae or your bestie. It'll give you a sense of excitement and something to look forward to.

Manicure Monday
Ladies, is there anything better than a fresh manicure? Stop into your fave mani/pedi salon on the way home from work and try a gel manicure. Visit Pinterest for a cute, out-of-the-box design idea, and spend the rest of your week feeling fab. You won't be sorry!

Got a great idea to cure the Monday blahs? Leave us a comment or email and let us know!


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