EXCLUSIVE: Taking some hot laps for the Indy 500

guys, Guys, GUYS!

I had the most awesome experience last week. I was invited by Firestone Tires and Firestone Racing for a media preview of the Indy 500!

So I went to Indianapolis Motor Speedway for a full day of adventure...including a few hot laps around the track with racing legend Mario Andretti!

You know that I can show you better than tell you...so check out the video below.

If you didn't already know... I'm a gear-head, mostly about NASCAR, but there's four things that I learned about IndyCar on this trip:
1. rain or shine (except for storms) they're ready to go, go, go on the track
2. drivers, no matter retired (like 76 year-old Mario Andretti) will always like to drive
3. Harvey Firestone (the founder of Firestone) used to hang out and have camping trips with Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. 

CLICK HERE WATCH vintage film of Harvey and Co's camping trips.
CLICK HERE to learn more about the legacy of Harvey Firestone.

4. and on Sunday May 29th, 2016 will be the 100th running of the Indy 500.

And guess what, guys?
I'll be there courtesy of Firestone!
Stay tuned to our Facebook because we will be going LIVE all weekend long. I'll keep you posted about every behind the scenes, all access, VIP detail of this dream opportunity.

CLICK HERE to watch exclusive 360° video of our rides with Mario Andretti. * there's instructions in the description box if you've never watch 360° video.

Now...check out this photo gallery of my preview trip exclusive to The Daily Affair! 


What do you think? How would you have handled going 140mph with Mario Andretti?!


  1. That was an amazing experience! I like speed, so I think I would enjoy going 140mph with the legendary Mario Andretti! I had no idea he was 76. Wow. You looked like a real pro Dayvee, and I'm officially jealous.

    1. awe, thanks Karen. it was an amazing experience.

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