VIP experience at Turner Field

I was telling everybody at the game

This is likely my last time at this stadium!

There's two reasons why:

1. The Atlanta Braves will be moving to a new stadium next season (2017)
2.  I've never, ever paid for baseball (or any sports tickets) in my life. My professional career has been in sports!
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Last weekend I got to do something that I've never done before- and that was watch the game in a suite.

I was a little worried when I first got the invite.
1. it's the middle of June
2. Atlanta, Gawgah
3. And baseball games aren't fun for me if I'm miserable baking in the sun.

BUT, that wasn't the case!
We walked in a separate entrance, into suite 48.
There were tables of food waiting for us, and refrigerators of drank, as well.
There were monitors on the wall if you wanted to watch the game in the air conditioned room. But, if you felt inclined to "really" watch the game, then there were plenty of "private" seats for you to walk out the glass door and watch. 
But, don't you worry...VIP guest aren't meant to be made uncomfortable. There were ceiling fans over the seats attached to the suite.
Throughout the game, we received deliveries from a bloody Mary bar to cake pops.

Let's just say, we can a third reason as to why I will likely not visit Turner Field again:

3. It will be hard to go back to the regular seat-life after this experience!

CLICK HERE to watch the Facebook Live of the tour of the suite:

And check out a montage of the day here:

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