7 things to consider when moving out of the USA

A recent poll reports that 1 of 4 U.S. citizens will consider moving out the country should Donald Trump become president.

I've explained that the stats show that will likely not happen...especially since only 46% of Americans only have valid passports.

But if you are serious about leaving the country, and once you've decided how you will live abroad, then you need to decide where you want to live. Part of that calculation includes if the country of your choice even wants you there.

Make the US Embassy your BFF.
The easiest way to figure out if your passport will allow you to visit, let alone move to another country, is to check the US Embassy’s website. Search according the country you are considering. Check for any required visas and recommended medical shots. You’ll also find warnings about everything from health to conflict uprisings -they even have a cool, handy app for that!

If you really want the government in your business, you can tell the Embassy every time you leave the country and where you’re going so if something like a war breaks out because President Trump said something offensive to the Amir of Qatar, the government knows to give you a heads up.
Oh, and you know that you can’t really enter most countries if your passport expires in 6 months. The reason is if something happens, like you get sick or arrested, or go off the grid, that sovereign country can’t risk you being an illegal immigrant.
Are you cool with their language?
Don’t be that American...you know...THAT AMERICAN. The one that demands “Who speaks English here?” That doesn’t mean that you can’t ask for help using the language you know. You are moving to become apart of a new community and you should put your best foot forward to join it. Whether you start language courses or bring out your google translator, use the manners your mama taught you and be polite. Also, try your best to pick up the language and meet the people where they are.

Consider the cost of living.
Places like Oslo,Norway, Paris, France and even Rio de Janerio, Brazil are not only fun, but arguably offer a better quality of life for people of color. But, they are expensive! There are clusters of expats from all over the world in South East Asia and South America for a reason. Take an assessment of your lifestyle and the one you want to create overseas, and match that with how far you think your dollar can go.

What’s the temperature?
Before you jump in and decide that Scandinavia is the place for you, think about if are you looking to wear flip-flops or your winter coat most of the year. Also, consider your hobbies - do you play outdoors sports or binge watch Amazon Prime during your free time. Whatever the case, make sure you check the weather averages for your future destination.

Medical advisories and care.
We’ve discussed the importance of the US Embassy’s website to your planned move. But beyond getting the shots you need, make sure to check if there are any disease outbreaks or threats of them in your future country, state and town.

You also need to research your medical care options - will you have access to the country’s healthcare system as a resident or will you have to buy private insurance?

You still gotta pay taxes.
So until you forfeit that navy blue passport, you are still an American boy or girl. That means, Uncle Sam will still have his hand out waiting for you to pay him what you owe. As an American citizen, you could be fined for failing to report a foreign bank account containing $10,000 or more.

Understand the currency.
Speaking about money, the exchange rates change literally several times a day in some countries. Chances are that you will still get paid in US dollars, if you work for an American company. Apps like XE Currency Converter keep track of the rate changes live, so you can always be aware if you are getting a deal or getting played.

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