Digital Detoxing - Could YOU do it?

Digital detoxing (aka digital fasting) has become a big trend over the past couple of years, especially for New Year's Resolutions or during Lent. The idea is to completely put down the smart phones, stay off social media, leave those emails get the concept. 

The first time I started to see people beginning to "unplug" was when it was required of them. About two years ago, during wedding season, I saw collection baskets for phones outside the ceremony sites, as well as signs posted asking guests to put down their devices and be part of the proceedings. I for one applauded those couples. I quite like my smart phone, but I know better than to bring it into Church services, weddings and the like. You'd be surprised by how many people cannot unplug even for that short a time though. 

A ton of research is being done about the benefits of this type of fast. Here are some of the highlights:

Anxiety/Stress Reduction:

Increased Productivity:

Better Sleep:

Photo Credit: Pedro Simões, Lisboa, Portugal

Being Present in the Moment:

More "You" Time:

Do you think you can detox? If so, for how long?


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