Why Staying In is the New Going Out

Have you noticed the following phrases or memes on t-shirts and social media? "Netflix and Chill" "The Best Plans are Cancelled Plans" "I'm Sorry I Was Late, I Didn't Want to Come". Want to know why? It's because staying in is the new going out!

Staying at home has become more popular than ever, no matter what the age group. There are many reasons why:

1) Expense 

Going out means spending money. Gas in the car, parking, dinner, drinks...even a trip for two to a movie can be outrageously pricey. 

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2) Exhaustion 

Many Americans are working 40+ hours a week, and combining that with child rearing, or school, or an additional job (and sometimes all 3!). Going out can seem overwhelmingly tiring.

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3) Social Media 

Keeping in touch with our friends and family has never been easier. With tools like texting, skype and facetime, we can visit with anyone, anywhere, at any time we like. All from the comfort of our homes.

4) Staying in is easy! 

Never has there been more access to the things we once had to go out to get: Want to see a movie? Netflix, Hulu, OnDemand. (No need to go out). Craving a delicious dinner? Order in. Even a love of, say, bowling, can be done from home on the wii. 

So...which do you prefer? Going out or staying in?

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