5 Things you must do in Key West

The Florida Keys are a 125-mile-long chain of islands.

It's a popular vacation destination because of the endless beaches, with each island offering something unique and special.

The one with the most popularity, however, is Key West. The area sees nearly 400k visitors each year.
Should you plan a trip, here are four things you should add to your must-do list.

1.Sunset at Mallory Square

I tried to catch the sun!
Besides the shops and kiosks, street artists and overall cool vibes, there is a celebration of the sunset that happens every night! Nothing you have experienced is more infectious than the joy of humans appreciating what the day has brought them!
Sunset in Key West

2. Southernmost point of the continental USA

If you're lucky, there won't be much of a line. So you can be in and out!
At first it seems cheesy, until you see the marker and realize that it is an obscure and unique thing to experience - being at the southernmost point of the country. (Kind of like the North pole and equator markers.) So, go ahead, take that silly photo and then move on to to your next adventure.

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3. Toss a coin like a local at Capt. Tony's Saloon

Located down one of the popular bar corridors off of Duval Street, it's the one marked by a fish with its mouth opened.
Dayvee takes her turn at the coin toss.
You'll also likely see a crowd, (unless there's a hurricane) mixed with locals and visitors, tossing coins in the fish's mouth. Should you succeed, you win nothing more than cheers from the crowd and satisfaction of completing the challenge.
We never got a straight story as to how the tradition started, by the way. You can probably guess it had something to do with tourists, beer and feeling good at night time.

4.Eat as much Key Lime pie as you can

I mean, what else are you going to eat while in the Keys? Seriously! During my trip, I ate a piece of pie at each restaurant - a game of sorts- to make sure that I tasted the variations. The age-old debate is: do you like it with meringue or whipped cream? My conclusion was that it was all good!
Also note that key limes are yellow and the pie should be as well. If it is green, it is wrong!
Marker 88
The Fish House
Conch Republic Seafood Company
Latitudes at Sunset Key
Blue Heaven

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5. Get a passport for Conch Republic

You should note that Dayvee doesn't like seafood.
On April 23, 1982, Key West attempted to secede from the United States. The stories about the declaration are quite humorous (READ HERE). They have maintained their tourism department and a big draw is to get a passport from the Conch Republic. (HERE IS HOW) It's about $100. There is a small portion of the population who maintain their seriousness about becoming their own nation. However, most of the residents enjoy the humor and the celebration of the legacy each year.

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