Half Steppin' - How to Dress it Down

Not everyone wants to (or feels comfortable) getting all dressed up. Then again, there seems to be a huge “leggings are not pants” movement (I disagree) circulating social media, so how does one pull off being both casual and fashionable at the same time?

Freelance artist/designer Corinne Caputo has impeccable taste, and manages to turn comfy casual into an “it girl” look every single time. Take a look at some of her everyday wear, and her philosophy and tips on how to dress it down with style.

Corinne: "I was a late bloomer when it came to fashion. It took me some time to realize you don’t have to stick with one particular style to define who you are. For me it comes down to confidence. I think confidence is the sexiest thing, and believe me I didn’t always have it. But it’s what allows me to wear what I want and have fun with it. My favorite go to piece of clothing: my Levi’s. Denim is timeless. Find yourself the perfect pair and you can wear them with just about anything."

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Corinne: "When in doubt, go back to the basics: a classic white t-shirt and a good pair of jeans. They will never fail you. To spruce it up but still keep a casual look, add a statement piece; for me…it’s shoes! But I also love a good vintage belt or a unique pair of earrings. And I never go anywhere without a fun shade of lipstick. You never know when you’ll need it!"

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