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Why Everyone is Talking About Multi-Masking!

Why is everyone talking about multi-masking? Because it’s genius. It’s one of those things we’re all wondering why nobody thought of before.

Basically, instead of using one face mask on your entire face, you use several different types at once to target specific areas the right way. Easy!!!

All masked up!

As the owner of a face of several skin types, I had to try this out myself. I recently hung out with LGBT author/activist Evan J. Peterson, and we decided that multi-masking and mimosas was the way to go.

The waiting is the hardest part! Hence, mimosas!

We got our various masks and products out (many from my subscriptions to Ipsy and Birchbox), and decided on our plan of attack. Then we applied the appropriate masks to the various parts of our faces, sipped our mimosas, and waited.

Try different masks HERE.

Sipping mimosas and sharing some gossip

The results:

Evan: “I found the face sheets difficult to work with, but the lotions were great. My face felt fresh and smooth for the whole next day. I’d do it again.”

Dani: Again, I can’t believe somebody didn’t think of this sooner. I loved the way my skin felt after the multi-mask process. My super oily areas felt well cleansed, and my drier areas were soft to the touch. I am a convert!

Have you multimasked yet? What are your favorite products to use?

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