5 Hot Items To Layer with For Fall (Plus a Code for Saving!)

I don’t know about y’all, but here in North Carolina we can wake up to 30 degree temps and by mid afternoon, it’s about 70 or 80. So weird, right?

Basically, layers are essential for us, and for anyone who experiences the same weather craziness. Or, you might just like the layered look, and Fall is the time to begin!

Style Tip: Nashville based Artist and Activist Nina Covington suggests wearing flowy, asymmetrical layers as well as playing with lines and mixed patterns.

 Nina layers up both on camera and off! Photo by Gary Creson

It’s vital to choose items that won’t make you look like a bulky mess once you’re done. Playing with colors and fabrics is important as well. So how do you go about mixing and matching? Try adding the following items to your closet:

1) A (warmer) black tee:

Perfect for wearing under/with almost any color; can be layered with jeans, dress pants and skirts - this Ella Tee is a wardrobe capsule must have!

2) A Knit Poncho:


Ponchos are trending again, and they provide a chic way to keep warm without adding a lot of bulk to your look. Ponchos like the one pictured above have a built in hoodie - perfect for windier days!!!

Style Tip: Broker/Realtor and Charlotte, NC mover and shaker Nicole Wright says, "I love a poncho (especially in cashmere!): It's so classy and comfortable, in my opinion. I always wear those with my skinny jeans and ankle high heel boots when I want to be cute, or my suede knee high wedge boots when I want to be cute and comfortable."

Nicole's Fall Fashions are always on point.

3) Scarf Cardigans:

I love a cardigan, especially when they're long and flowy like this! Scarf cardigans have become popular because the light-weight knit adds an extra layer of warmth without being too much for Fall. 

4) Beanies:

Beanies are both adorable and functional. They look great with casual layered looks, and can be pulled down over your ears to protect from wind. 

5) Giant scarves

A huge scarf can also be worn as a shawl, allowing for double duty warmth. Knot it around the neck and shoulders for a stylish Fall look, or open it fully and drape it around your shoulders and torso to keep warm in chilly weather. 

Got a Fall Fashion tip? Let us know and we'll post it here!

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