Review: Becca Beach Blush and Lip Tint

Everyone is into long wearing matte lippies these days.

I am too.
But, remember the benefits of good old fashioned lip stains?

I used to love my lip stains, especially for traveling. A quick google search led me to Becca's Beach Tint topping everyone's lists.
It's been around for a few years, but what drew me to it, was it seems that it is made for travel.

I have noticed that on my recent trips, wearing the matte liquid stains are just too thick. So lately, I've been wearing glosses, like from my teen-aged years.
But for an extra glow...I wanted to revisit stains.

Becca's product claims to be both long-wearing and waterproof.
So, I purchased one ( I was tempted to go for two), but for $25 for just .24ox/7mL, I thought I'd give it a review before going all in.

It comes in 8 colors - I selected Raspberry.

A little goes a long way, so you just need the smallest dab of product. It's also  buildable. I just used my fingers to apply to my cheek and them lips.

I definitely noticed the glow.
It smells so good and fruity.

However, it feels tacky on your lips. (I didn't notice the feeling on my face.)


I wanted to see if this product could stand the test of a day. So, I'd thought I do a check in after six hours.

I ate a meal, drank some water, had a cookie and took an hour nap.
After just four hours, my face showed no signs of the glow. 
So, I'd say it failed on that part.

However, I still like it for days I want to go bare-face, but just want a simple glow on my lips and cheeks.

Check out my video review:

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