DIY: How to stretch ANY hat

Ahhh! One size hats NEVER fit me.

A super simple way you can reshape nearly ANY hat that is too small.

This rates as a 1 on our D-I-Y difficulty scale.

How many of us like hats?

But, if you’re like me then you struggle to buy them, find the right one, because they just never fit.

We suffer from “big head syndrome”!

And no! I know you’re thinking it's because I have a lot hair, that’s why I can’t fit a hat.

But, that’s not the whole story: 
my head size seems to be bigger too. (Though, I do not know the actual size.)

So for years I just never really wore hats - but have collected some cute ones in hopes to find a fix! 
And if I did force hats on my head, I’d end up with a headache because of the head squeezing.

Normally, I am squeezing hats on my head. Ouch!

I found this super affordable and effective hat stretching tool, that lets me stretch nearly all of my hats, with just two steps.

This is the box of the hat stretcher!

There are many variations of this tool, but I like this one by StrechWork simply because it had the best reviews. (I gather, they all essentially work the same.) However, you can get the one I have HERE.

So here’s what you'll need.

1. The hat stretcher tool.

2. Steam.
If you have a steamer then use it. It will make this an even easier job.
Looking for a steamer, here’s link to the one I have HERE.
If you don’t have a steamer, then boil some water in a pot.

Now let's stretch our hat!

Insert the stretching tool

Then adjust it, just a few centimeters to stretch the hat. 

Apply the steam around the hat, focusing on the areas that the hat stretcher is holding.

Let it sit for at least an hour. 
You want to make sure the areas you moistened are dry.
If you want to make it bigger, just do the process again. Adjust the tool 90° for a better shape.

Warning, you will deform the shape of hat. But, once you wear it, it will reshape and it will not look weird.

You can also use this tool to store the hat.

This little gadget worked miraculously for me and the best part was it was super simple!

Check out my video:

So, are you gonna give it a try?

If so, I want to see! Post pics on our FB page.

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