My Central Portugal Look Book

I've just returned from shooting in Central Portugal.

It was fall, so the perfect time to layer on some fun and classic pieces.

Check out what I wore each day.
The star of this outfit was the Shop Stevie & Dani poncho, with an oversized hood.

I paired it with some dark denim skinny jeans and a brown turtleneck.

The sneakers are suede Puma Speedcat. 
Get a similar look here:

I felt I was dressed old-school European with this lool. (Like from the old movies I love to watch on Sundays.)

The chambray jumper is lightweight and perfect for layering. Which was the perfect opportunity to wear my blue silk scarf.

Going full-monochromatic, I added blue.grey checkered socks and navy canvas Pumas.
The reversible wool bucket hat is from J Crew.

Shop the look here:

Day three, I wore one of my most favorite travel pants - Duluth Trading 'Dry on the Fly' trousers. Who says utility cargo pants can't be fashionable? They are lightweight, have pockets in the the right places and come in TALL!

I paired it with a grey patterned sweater and cream sweater duster, both from Target; along with my suede Puma Speedcats.


Does this hat look familiar?
It's my J Crew wool bucket hat, which is also reversible!

On my final tour day, I wore my super comfy flare bottom limited edition Gap jeans, in LONG.

A red v-neck sweater with an olive, lightweight duster, and cream scarf.

Again, my suede Puma Speedcats - the neutral color fit in with most of my looks!

Shop this look here:

This look book is also an example of how you can build your trip wardrobe around two or three color schemes and have a fresh new look each day!


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