The 2017 Gift Guide for Travelers

After a year of testing and reviewing products,
We are proud to present the 2017 Daily Affair Gift Guide for Travelers.
With coupons and discounts, just for our readers!


I never understood why wearing a fanny pack was so
taboo. This is the ultimate accessory to hold your things
and be hands free. Sure, the options of old were a little
clunky. But to be fair, they reflected the style of the
day. Now feast your eyes on The Waverly by Lo & Sons.
It’s a sleek and chic convertible bag that you can wear
three ways - as a crossbody, a wristlet/clutch and waist
bag. It comes in super soft nappa leather in grey, brown
and black.


Popular travel experiences include hanging with the
locals and visiting far off villages and isolated communities.
Traveling to foreign lands always gives you something,
and using Polaroid’s Snap Touch, you can leave an instant
gift with all of the new friends you meet along the way.
Polaroid Snap Touch instant digital camera allows you to
snap, print, and share all of your favorite photos instantly
with app-driven creative & new Bluetooth connectivity.
*Get yours here HERE


Whenever I wear my World skirt, I am hunted down and
asked where I got it from. I actually designed and made it.
But, I can certainly understand the fuss. For travelers, this
vibrant skirt speaks straight to your heart. However, the print
isn’t the best part in my opinion. It is that I’ve designed it to
be a one-size fits all wrap skirt. This way, you never have to
worry about your waist size fluctuating - which often happens
when you travel (yanno, eating lavish meals or always on the
go). You can also dress this style up or down and even throw
on as a coverup after sunning by the pool or beach!
The skirt is limited edition and sold only two times a year.
CONTACT US to join the wait list, and subscribe to our
newsletter so when they go on sale again, you’ll be the first
to know!


Having to re-apply lipstick is such an antiquated task these
days. There’s tons of all-day lip wear options these days, and
I’ve tried my share. Without a doubt, I keep going back to
The Lip Bar’s Liquid Mattes. You can literally apply once, go
about your day, including eating and drinking, and the lip
color won’t budge! I have colors Bawse Lady (red),
Crown Me (purple) and Drama Queen (brownish red).


At first I wasn’t going to include this backpack in this year’s
guide. The Matador Daylite16 Weatherproof Packable Backpack
is a foldable and perfectly made for travel. I love that it comes so compact
that you can use it as an emergency bag. But this product is actually made
to be your primary day pack, and I didn’t think the thin Cordura Fabric would
be good for the long haul. It’s also a bit pricey for such a thin backpack.
Well, as you can see above, I tested it on a trip to Portugal, and it served me well.
What I also forgot is that is meant to be durable and waterproof. It’s very roomy
with a 16 Liter Capacity (if you can’t gauge that size, look at my photo). So, I
actually do endorse this little pack. It has two side (water bottle) pockets, a
main compartment and small front pocket.

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By this point in life, I'm sure we've all conceded that if
you wear a hair tie, when you remove it you will lose some hair.
Well, one curly-girl wasn't satisfied with that and developed
Snappee's - a hair tie that you can snap off when removing,
and it works brilliantly! Three come in a pack and they are
buildable - so you can make a headband or just use them as
hair ties. The material is meant to last a while, and to renew
the elasticity, you just have to wash and toss in the dryer to renew!

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These days most of our phones require wireless (bluetooth enabled) headphones. The latest from Motorola is the Stream. These stereo earbuds are truly wireless – with no wire connecting the two buds – giving you freedom to move and keeping you untangled at all times. Stream can go wherever you do with water and dust resistance, and the included case doubles as a portable charger.

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Source: The Daily Affair's 2017 Gift Guide by DNMedia on Rumble

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  1. What a great list! You should rename the post for “2017 and Beyond!” since it's already 2018 and this year is half over. Your gift suggestions are very practical for travelers in any year!

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