Your handy dandy Gift Guide for the Traveler + Discounts Inside

2018 Travel Holiday Gift Guide

Remember the Sears Catalog?
Then we had Oprah’s favorite things!
We’ll I’ve been working long and hard to make my gift guide for you!

2018 Travel Holiday Gift Guide

This is Your handy dandy Gift Guide for the Traveler
Everything in here is extremely useful for the jet-setting person in your life.
Click the photos or the links in RED for exclusive discounts!


multi-usb plug and converter
2018 Travel Holiday Gift Guide
Rookie move is to travel to a new country without a power converter. But these days, all you need is a USB port with some sort of energy source. So this handy device is great for when power outlets are scarce. The Universal Power Adaptor works in 150+ countries, and comes with four USB smart ports.

2018 Travel Holiday Gift Guide
Power drives most of our lives. So never find yourself without it (so long as your powerbank is fully charged and ready to go). This external battery packs a lot, storing 26800mAh, three USB output ports and two micro USB cable ports.

2018 Travel Holiday Gift Guide
If you’ll be without power for a while…
Try this AC Portable Laptop Charger . The PowerBar has enough juice to power a
12’’ MacBook for 1.3 times, an iPhone X for 7 times, a Galaxy for 6.5 times. The best part is that
it has an 85W AC outlet, you can use a conventional plug on-the-go!
wifi hotspot
2018 Travel Holiday Gift Guide
What’s life without Wifi?
Tep Wireless allows travelers to go abroad free from data roaming charges in over 60 countries.
You simply buy or rent the device and then pay as you go! It doesn’t get any simpler than that.
Commitment free - oh, yeah! But if you travel internationally frequently, then it’s just over $100 to get
your own device. Totally worth it. Check it out with my exclusive LINK and use “TEPON” code
for 10% off!


luggage tracker
2018 Travel Holiday Gift Guide
I always say, if you never check your luggage, then you’ll never lose it. But, there are times when
checking your bags is forced upon you - small jet planes and longer trips. So, adding Tile Mate
to each of your pieces will give you a little more peace of mind. It works in a similar way that your
“track my iphone” does - using the app, it will pin the last time you connected. It has a ringing function,
so if you attach it to keys, it will sound the alarm when you need to find it. *Warning: you need to be
diligent to change the batteries every year. Just set a calendar reminder and then you’ll be all set.


2018 Travel Holiday Gift Guide
The secret to traveling the world (without being wealthy) is to save on your flights!
Momondo is the perfect tool to search “Anywhere!”
CLICK HERE to check it out.

Beyond the Usual + FlyGlitch
2018 Travel Holiday Gift Guide
Another way to save on flights are through glitch fares. Glitch flights are temporary price errors made by the airlines that if you know how to find them and act quickly, you can snag and have the trip of your dreams. My travel show “Beyond the Usual” has a partnership with Fly Glitch, where you can support the show and have access to the exclusive list. CHECK IT OUT HERE.

To learn more about glitch fares, READ:
What exactly is a glitch fare & how to find them

Get paid for delayed or canceled trips

2018 Travel Holiday Gift Guide
You’ve seen the news headlines, but didn’t think it was something you can do. Well, Airhelp will do all the leg work for you and get you paid! The service helps air passengers apply for compensation following a delayed, canceled or overbooked flight.  You’re only charged if they win a claim for you. If they win an award for you, they’ll just take 25% of the overall amount awarded. CLICK HERE to learn more and/or download the app!

travel insurance
2018 Travel Holiday Gift Guide
To get insurance or to not get insurance. That is the age-old question for travelers. Severe weather, medical problems, transportation issues - any of these unplanned incidents happen without warning. It really depends on your general health insurance policy, but likely, your U.S. medical insurance doesn’t cover international incidents. Also consider where you will travel. If domestically, well, you’re likely covered with your own insurance. If internationally, will you be in metropolitan area or really remote? But overall, travel insurance is a good idea, and it’s less expensive than you probably think. Travel insurance can cover more than just your healthcare abroad. It can take care of lodging, airfare, and other expenses you don’t think about generally. CHECK OUT what Travelex, a world leader in travel insurance options! They have a range of comprehensive packages that offer the most popular features and benefits including trip cancellation, trip interruption, bankruptcy and terrorism coverage.


real leather fanny pack for under $40
2018 Travel Holiday Gift Guide
I remember three years ago, I was on the hunt for a fashionable bum-bag - for travel, for sporting events, and festivals. I rarely carry a purse, so belt-bags are ideal to put my things and to be hand free! CHECK OUT this genuine vintage leather fanny pack. It comes in four colors, it's roomy and versatile to wear as a cross-body or around the waist.

foldable daypack
2018 Travel Holiday Gift Guide
Keep a daypack in your bigger travel bag to put your things in for day trips and excursions. Then when it’s time to travel again, fold it and pack it away! I love this one for all of the compartments. It’s water resistant, comes in 25L and 35L, and in three different colors. Best of all, it’s under $15! CHECK IT OUT HERE!

space bags meet packing cubes
2018 Travel Holiday Gift Guide
Over packers rejoice. The award winning Flight 001 Spacepak allows you to bring maximum wardrobe options. The dual compression system allows up to 2 weeks' worth of clothing, while keeping items wrinkle free and safe from outside elements. Dual top and bottom zippered compartments keep clean clothes away from dirty laundry. Add the toiletry and underwear bags to pack the perfect carry on.
2018 Travel Holiday Gift Guide

the best bag for things
2018 Travel Holiday Gift Guide
The Lay-n-Go Cosmo was a game changer for me. I love this makeup bag because I don’t have to scramble around to see what makeup I’ve packed. I can open it up on any surface, and grab what I need. Then when I’m done, just pull the string to close it again.
There’s also bags for tech, toys and more.
Check this video demonstration to see it in action.


foldable rain poncho
2018 Travel Holiday Gift Guide
Don’t let the rain ruin your vacation. I keep a foldable poncho in my travel bag.
This one is durable and made of polyester - not plastic! It’s compact and offers a range of colors
and styles to fit your personality. It’s water resistant, quick drying and long!

travel jacket
2018 Travel Holiday Gift Guide
The perfect travel jacket can make all the difference in feeling comfortable while having your
things on your person. The SCOTTeVEST Chloe Glow has 18 pockets (most of them hidden)
and is made of a soft cotton/poly/spandex mix. It comes in four colors and is versatile enough to
dress up or down.

Dayvee’s adventure t-shirts
2018 Travel Holiday Gift Guide

This one is for the adventurers out there!
Nails never done?
Random cuts and bruises on your knees & elbows?
Always with a tan?
Just wear this tee to explain to folks who ask! CLICK HERE to buy
“It’s because I like to play OUTSIDE” tee.

fabulous travel skirt
2018 Travel Holiday Gift Guide
Any world travelista would love this map of the world skirt. It hits mid length and is high waist
with a side zipper. It’s the perfect statement skirt! And don’t worry, they have sizes small through


menstrual cup
2018 Travel Holiday Gift Guide

These take a bit of getting used to, but seriously, I’m never going back to tampons.
Have you ever gotten your period while traveling? Then if you were in another country,  
how hard is it to find an actual tampon? I’ve experienced this more times than I’d like to remember.
So, when I was given a menstrual cup - after using it at home - I threw it in my travel bag. It’s one
of my favorite travel accessories.
There’s so many to choose from, so pick one that you like BEST HERE.

Want more information on how to use them? CHECK OUT my video on IGTV.

scratch map
2018 Travel Holiday Gift Guide
This is great for all ages - for those who have big dreams of traveling, or those who are already
collecting passport stamps. The Scratch Off Map Of The World With States. Simply
scratch the gold foil to reveal watercolor of the places you’ve been. Frame it or keep it as is in
your office or cubicle wall!

map of world necklace
2018 Travel Holiday Gift Guide

This is perfect accessory and also a statement piece! People will always ask about it, and
now you can tell them! Made of hammered metal, you can get this in GOLD, ROSE GOLD,

2018 Travel Holiday Gift Guide

travel blanket  
2018 Travel Holiday Gift Guide
This handy, fold away Flight 001 Emergency travel blanket will be the best accessory in your carry-on luggage. When it’s chilly on the airplane or if you have a delayed flight and want to catch some zzz’s by the gate, this fold-away blanket will save the day. It’s made of ultra-soft, lightweight polyester and comes with a carrying case that can also double as a small pillow when not in use.

Are you ready to shop? Let me know!

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