How to Experience New York Fashion Week as an Outsider + Fashion Show Etiquette

Fashion Show Etiquette: what to do if you sit front row
Sitting front row at a designers showcase

I had the wonderful opportunity to experience a curated series of fashion shows during the February showing New York Fashion Week.

It can be super confusing, but the February shows display Fall/Winter fashion,  showcasing trends for the upcoming winter.

Fashion Show Etiquette: what to do if you sit front row
The photographers pit. Here's where the models strike their pose.

I was hosted by two fashionable entrepreneurs, Raven Roberts (a New York based fashion stylist) and Janelle Langford (a Los Angeles based fashion publicist), through their business "Slay in the Spirit."

Fashion Show Etiquette: what to do if you sit front row
This is my Day 2 outfit

Because of their connections in the industry, they host small group experiences that put your right on the front row of fashion shows! This a great introduction to the fashion world in New York City, especially to people around the country who think the only people that this world is tangible to are celebrities. With this trip, you can join right in the fashion scene with your Slay in the Spirit hosts.

Fashion Show Etiquette: what to do if you sit front row
Sitting with Slay in the Spirit co-founder Janelle Langford

Here's the costs:
$750 for the experience
$150-250/night for hotel - minimum 2 nights needed.
$100 in shared and solo rides around the city
$150 in food
$200-500 in flights to the city
*recommended that you go with a friend to split the costs of hotel and ground transportation
Overall, you can get this access for less than $1500

Fashion Show Etiquette: what to do if you sit front row
My travel outfit, but I snuck in some shows before catching my flight back home.

The shows and experiences:
Slay in the Spirit says you'll get 30 shows, guaranteed front row. Realistically, you'll get to about a dozen events altogether. And here's where you'll want to manage your expectations:
The shows are mostly emerging designers, and you'll visit one or two venues. Mixed into that are visits to a couple of bigger-named fashion house showcases. For the emerging designers' shows, you will, indeed,  get to sit front row. The other experiences include stops at pop-ups, showcases and special exhibits.

Fashion Show Etiquette: what to do if you sit front row
A visit at a designer's showcase in SoHo

The Slay in the Spirit gals are just getting started with these experiences, and I expect that each time they host a group they will sharpen the execution of it. It's a fantastic idea that gives access and a peak inside the New York fashion scene.

Check out this video of my experience, plus tips on Fashion Show Etiquette:

Have you been to a fashion week? How was it for you?

Check out my Instagram for my looks during the trip.

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Fashion Show Etiquette: what to do if you sit front row


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