Common Travel Scams and How to Avoid Them

It sucks to be scammed while traveling.

But, I don't want the fear of getting got to detour you from traveling solo.

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You should be aware, but not scared. You should be friendly, but not too trusting.

I've made this video with common tricks scammers try on tourists. Addressing these travel scams:

  • Broken taxi meter
  • "Free" gifts
  • Accidental bumps and spills
  • Friendly stranger
  • Free wifi
  • Discounted tickets on the street
  • Fake police and guides

Along with these travel scams, I explain tips for how you can keep yourself safe from these sleazy people whose goal is to ruin your vacation.   

What are some travel scams that you have seen or heard of lately? Let us know and we'll feature it here!

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