How to take the perfect street style pictures

All over Instagram, you see the fashionistas slaying in the street.

Have you ever wondered how they did that?
I mean are they with a camera crew?
Or is it done on their cellphones?

The truth is yes. Sometimes street photos are done
with cellphones and sometimes with a professional

Now, every once in awhile I catch people taking street
photoshoots on random days and at random times. But,
hands down, it was at New York Fashion week is where
I saw people shamelessly taking photos almost on every
corner. They were hoping in the middle of the street,
invading the doorsteps of fancy hotels, and and opening
the back seats of taxis to strike an exit pose like they
were getting paid for it. Truth is, likely all of these people
were not getting paid. But, it was peak season for these
influencers and wannabes.

It was New York Fashion Week! The funny thing was that
no one passing by cared - not the doormen or the taxi
drivers. Which made me think "How many times a day do
they see this?!"

When I was in New York for Fashion Week, I too participated
in the ridiculousness of street style photos. I mean when in
Rome, right?

Yes I felt ridiculous. But, it was also incredibly fun.

Now, whether you have a professional photographer or a friend using
their iphone, capturing it does indeed come down to YOU slaying it.
I'm no model. (I mean, I tried when I was younger, and it isn't easy.
Mostly because you have to get over the fact that people are looking
at you and while they are, you have to pretend to give hot and sexy
poses, which really could tow the line of being just silly.) But during this
trip to New York Fashion Week, fashion publicist Janelle Langford gave
me a quick clinic to the art of good street photo.

Always wear sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses give you an instant cool factor. Also,

you never have to worry about having weird facial expressions

and closed eyes.

Shoot in the daylight

The daylight is your natural spotlight. Shooting at night can get

tricky and doesn't really give opportunity to show off the styles

you are rocking.

Shoot in the the early morning

Not only will you get that morning glow, but if you are headed to business districts, no one is around. If you're hitting residential neighborhoods, then you'll get the least traffic after 10am.

Shoot with light colored backgrounds

Those art walls are cool, but if you're trying to highlight your outfit, you'll actually blend into these walls. If you choose dark backgrounds, it tends to mute your outfit. White and brighter backgrounds help give you a cleaner look. Also, the colors and details of your outfit will pop!

Keep moving

My big tip is to keep moving. Walking gives you natural

positions for your posture. And when you're walking, you

never have to worry about what to do. As you get better

at this, you can exaggerate your walk - like you're on a

cat walk- spin around, and more. Give your photographer

a lot to work with, so you can have lots of options for your

hero shot.

Know your angles

I got this one from super model Ahsley Grahm.

Grahm says "know your angles", and what that means is,

know your most flattering positions. Professional models

have an arsenal of go-to poses. For me, I have two that

are tried and true- angle my face to where my left check

is prominent with my head angled slightly upwards, with

an open mouth smile. Another thing that works for me is,

fake laughing until I really laugh. Then all of the body

movements that naturally come with cracking up are there


What are your favorite tips for street photo poses?

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