5 Tips to Get You Out of the Hotel When it Rains On Your Family Vacation

Know that feeling when you take the family on holiday expecting days of pure sunshine but the weatherman didn't get your request so it rains the whole time instead?

No matter which city or town you visit for your family vacation, the sun was probably shining in your imagination when you planned your itinerary. Whether you hoped to spend your time fishing or hiking the coastline, a rainy spell can put a damper on your holiday spirit.

Once you’ve exhausted your patience for doing touristy activities under an umbrella, try these wet weather travel ideas to get out of the hotel for a fun day —indoors.

Get Wet
It has to be said: going out and doing everything you planned to do despite the rain is an option. Even if you don’t make it your plan of action for the whole spell of bad weather, try to do at least one thing in the rain. It's fun! But, even if you don’t enjoy it so much at the time, you will remember your rainy family vacation forever. 

Play a Game
As any self-respecting grandparent will tell you, in the old days before T.V. and smartphones people had to pass the time on a rainy day by playing a game of cards. If the kids are already eye-rolling at this suggestion, rest assured that family games have come a long way since rummy and chess. Watch those expressions change as you start searching local listings for escape rooms for large groups or lazer tag. When in doubt, bowling is a hit with people across generations. 

Catch a Train
Want to admire the scenery without getting wet? Why not take a train trip? Hop on a train and head to a restaurant or gallery at the other end, but when it comes to scenic train rides, the journey is what really counts. Also, don't be afraid to get a little lost. Some of my best adventures happen that way. Don’t let bad weather stop you from seeing the city or countryside you’ve come all this way to see. And don’t worry if the window is streaked with rain and the scenery is blanketed in cloud—the moody weather will only add to the atmosphere, creating a unique special memory.  

Visit a Spa
Go on – treat yourself! Bad weather can only dampen the vacation vibes if you let it. Rather than see your holiday as spoiled, take the rain as an excuse to do something indulgent and comforting. Especially if you’re on a trip with your partner, a romantic day at the spa is a great way to unwind and reconnect. 

Photo by Juan Di Nella on Unsplash

Visit a Museum or Gallery
A sneaky benefit of rainy weather when you’re on vacation is not having to feel guilty for spending hours indoors. If you hadn’t planned to visit art galleries or museums, you may not even be aware that the city or town you’re in boasts a museum or gallery that plays home to a famous artifact or work of art. Consider taking the opportunity to explore the history of the place you're visiting or soak up a bit of culture. Knowing more about your location may make you better able to appreciate your surroundings once the weather improves and you can venture out again. You might find that you’re a little disappointed when the sun comes out and it’s time to go outside.

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